Add3D Metallic 3d printing

Add3D is the solution for your prototypes and small series. Through various applications, additive manufacturing or 3D printing can be the solution to some of your main challenges.

Metallic Additive Manufacturing

Examples of application

Weight reduction

In many sectors and for many parts, weight optimization is a major issue. Therefore, opting for topological optimization, and hydraulic blocks can meet these challenges.

Saving time

Accelerate your prototyping phases by reducing development loops and simplifying assemblies. And so, additive manufacturing allows you to optimize your time.

Conformal cooling

This makes it possible to evacuate heat or bring in heat. Indeed, in this sector the removal of calories is called conformal cooling, and additive manufacturing is particularly well suited to this process.

A hybrid machine

Matsuura’s Lumex 25 combines the power of selective laser fusion technologies with the power of machining. It is a so-called hybrid machine, you will be able to obtain a dense material and machine the surface during the manufacturing process if necessary, for example.

A dedicated workshop

We have a specific and adapted in-house workshop. Indeed, separated from the other operations, our workshop is organized so that cells separate each machine according to the material used in order to avoid any mixing of materials.

To know more

From prototyping to optimization, through all stages of manufacturing: Precision IMS will be a key partner in your most precise projects.

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