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The solution for your prototypes and small series

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The solution for your prototypes and small series

Weight reduction

In many sectors and for many parts, weight optimization is a major issue. Therefore, opting for topological optimization, and hydraulic blocks can meet these challenges.

Calories' transmission

Our process allows heat exchange by removing heat  from the body, on one hand, and by bringing heat in on the other hand.

 In the mould sector, the removal of heat is called “conformal cooling”.Additive manufacturing is particularly well suited to this process.

Improvement of time to market

Additive manufacturing allows major gains of parts manufacturing time through accelerated prototyping phases, reduction of development loops and simplification of assembly operations

Geometric and design freedom

From lattice structures to honeycomb structures, additive manufacturing offers not only an advantage for parts prototyping but also for mass customization. It can provide to our clients  a significant advantage in their manufacturing  process options

Add3D is also…

Complete mastery of a hybrid process

The Add 3 D process provides a dual advantage by combining  the features of selective laser melting technologies to the advantages of machining. This process permits to obtain a dense material while  doing simultaneously  the machining of the surface during the manufacturing process, if necessary.

Our experts offer an integrated design package and an on-going personalized expertise throughout all steps..

A specific and dedicated workshop

We have a specific and confined in-house workshop adapted specifically to additive manufacturing. . Separated from all the other operations,  the workshop is organized in a way that each machine has its  own specificity of material used  and therefore  separated  from the other machines  to avoid any mixing of materials or cross-contamination of metal powder.

If you have any questions about Add3D metallic additive manufacturing, please contact our specialist, Florence

Our experienced team accompany you in all steps of your projects.

The additive manufacturing division is runned by  Florence Desravines, expert in additive manufacturing with over 7 year experience in a additive department of a multinational corporation. She is a Mechanical Engineer and graduated from the École supérieure de Mannheim in Germany and the École de Mines de Nancy.

 Engineer for a leader in the tire sector in France from 2014 to 2018, she was in charge of the industrialization of new processes and equipment, including the start-up of an additive manufacturing workshop for the group. She was heavily involved in the design and manufacture of high-precision parts, and in the training of internal and external managers, engineers and technicians in additive manufacturing.