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At Precision IMS, we are experts in precision machining. For the past 20 years, we are specialized in the manufacturing of high precision metal parts, as well as injection molds. We are constantly innovating, and regularly integrate new equipment at the cutting edge of today’s technologies.

In particular, we have a machine park dedicated to metal additive manufacturing or 3D printing. In addition, we have also integrated new surface treatment services. These services are unique in Quebec and have been proven for over 25 years by our European partner.

Our teams, based in Montreal, are there to accompany you from the design phase to the delivery of your projects, even the most complex!

Machining of precision parts and injection molds

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Mechanical surface treatments and 3D metal printing


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From prototyping to optimization, including all stages of manufacturing: Precision IMS will be a key partner in your most precise and precise projects.

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