Manufacturing, repair and maintenance

  • Molds, micro-molds, multi-cavity molds, mold parts and accessories. Control tools and jigs, punches and dies.
  • Miniatures to medium dimensions.

Machining, Drilling, Sinking and Cutting

  • Machining on CNC milling machines from 3 to 5 axes, conventional.
  • Drilling, sinking and cutting by EDM

Grinding and micro-welding

  • Optimization of the parts by plane and cylindrical grinding actions.
  • Precision micro-welding for reliable and durable parts.

Heat treatment

  • Heat treatment that improves the precision, hardness and service life of metal parts and molds.

Why choose us?

The key to the success of Precision IMS is to know how to accompany its customers from the design phase to the optimization of each project.

Our customers always appreciate our approach offering complete and personalized solutions, while guaranteeing precision and performance.

A distinction of Precision IMS is also to be in constant innovation with a machine park always more advanced. From additive metal fabrication equipment that can help you meet key challenges, to surface finishing services, long proven but unique in Quebec.

You have a project or issues with your metal parts?

No matter what stage you are at, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.