Précision IMS invests in a machine park dedicated to additive manufacturing.

31 august 2020

As you will have understood, through this series of articles dedicated to an introduction to additive manufacturing, we wanted to explain in more detail why additive manufacturing has become a technology we want to integrate at Precision IMS.

Our main goal is to offer to our customers concrete answers to their challenges as much as we can. And it is therefore with the objective of offering even greater performance to our customers that we have chosen a technology that today becomes complementary to traditional means. With this goal in mind, Precision IMS has thought about and positioned itself on the acquisition of a machine park dedicated to additive manufacturing.

Finally, why we choose metallic additive manufacturing?

We have had the opportunity to look into the subject more than once. And we often came to the same conclusion: additive manufacturing can offer many advantages and open up new possibilities. Reduced cycle times and conformal cooling, variable porosity to reduce scrap, simplify assemblies, obtain prototypes in record time… In short, assets that our sector is fond of.

Beyond the advantages it offers, we also asked ourselves the question of knowing, concretely, what type of parts we could make with this technology. Today, we can tell you that we can produce small series of functional parts with high added value, functional prototypes quickly, or even very complex mold parts.

Today, we are an innovation partner for our customers in all steps of their precision parts projects. With the integration of a machine park dedicated to additive manufacturing in-house, Precision IMS is determined to once again bring concrete and efficient solutions for complex parts.


To support us in the integration of this technology internally, we were accompanied by our partner Matsuura. We are equipped with the Lumex Advance 25, which is intended to be a revolution in metal treatment, while redefining manufacturing processes. A combination of innovation and performance. It’s an hybrid machine, designed to design precision mold parts and high-precision parts. It already responds to problems in sectors such as the medical or aerospace industries, among others.

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