Mechanical surface treatment

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A surface treatment and an innovative process unique in Quebec

MST4 : a range of services

Also called “Micro Surface Treatment” our process includes several mechano-chemical steps to eliminate secondary roughness defects. This microscopic finishing process improves the service life of metal parts.

Together with our European partner, we now have more than 25 years of experience in industrial applications in the field of functional and technical surfaces which allows us to offer a complete service ainming at the  improvement of  the performance and functionality of moulds’surfaces, tools and precision mechanical parts.

MST4 operates as an in-house division of Precision IMS  with a dedicated technical staff and specific equipment.

Different processes to be applied in accordance to your needs

Topo Jet: micro structuring of metal surfaces

A process that mechanically impregnates the surface, optimizing its properties to obtain perfect surfaces, free of burrs and detachable particles, smooth and sealed.

Topo Seal: permanent surface treatment

Topo Seal  regroups  active anti-adhesive elements with very low surface polarity. It is applied and impregnated into the surface of the metal parts and, in a second step,  fixed by a chemical and thermal process.

 This coating acts as protection and gives hydrophobic properties to the treated parts.

 It remains active throughout the mould’s  lifetime  and does not cause any change in its shape.


Topo Cure: water-based release agent and spray

Based on the many positive results of the Topo Seal coating, IMS Precision  developed a new-generation mould release agent that is resistant to high temperatures

During the formulation of this agent, the constraints associated with the processing of elastomers and plastics (epoxy resin) were taken into account.

Spray without solvent, non-toxic and without dermatological effects.

 Excellent adhesive power and can be applied to metal surfaces that can be painted, glued or printed on, without cleaning operations.

Exemple of Topojet treatment

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