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Quality and  optimization of mechanical parts  start at the very first  step at the conception. This is why IMS Precision put a lot of emphasis on the quality of design services to remain  at the level of its reputation for the delivery of  high quality parts and moulds and meet the client’s requirements above its expectations.

IMS Precsion is well reckonized in the industry for its expertise in the conception with its experienced design team and its partnership philosophy with the client to resolve constraints right at the beginning and obtain the best solutions with simulations by using software such as Solidworks or PTC Creo.


Starting at the programming with our high-performance software “, Esprit,” to the final optimization of the client’s  parts and moulds, we can manufacture all type of complex and precision parts given our deep manufacturing expertise for more than 20 years as a company  and  availability of  more than 18 technologies which are all well mastered by our experienced team

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Molds and parts require over the time precized repairs to extend their lifetime or efficiency. IMS Precision offers  a deep expertise in mold and parts repairs and modifications. After an examination of the part to be improved and drawings, we will propose and validate  the modifications to be made  with the client before proceeding to the repairs .

 The exchanges with our customers permit to understand the problematic of parts to be repaired. As its after sale service , IMS Precision makes a  follow-up with its  customers given the consideration  for its clientele which is at the hearth of its values.


Starting from the client’s designs, we optimize moulds and parts through a range of optimization methods that permit to improve the client’s process efficiency for the manufacturing of its mechanical parts  by reducing cycle times while keeping,  of course, high quality standards.

 Among our technologies,we have the possibility of using our 3 D additive manufacturing machines for the design or manufacturing for either moulds  or  mechanical parts.

 Having also a unique mould surface treatment method in Quebec called MST4, we can reduce the cycle time for injection molding up to 20 to 30% and  improve significantly  the  lifespan of moulds.

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State-of-the-art technologies and innovative processes

But also... Atelier Gomex: for complementary services for larger dimensions parts

Atelier Gomex joined  the IMS Group in 2019  in order to expand our  range of services through  CNC milling and conventional machining able to manufacture parts of larger dimensions, CNC turning, manual and robotized welding of mechanical parts and subsets. Discover the Atelier Gomex

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