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Do you want to improve the functional properties of your molds and parts? Our surface treatments, unique in Quebec, offer you different processes to help you perform better. We can help you overcome various problems such as those related to secondary roughness, corrosion, demolding, or fatigue in all its forms.

Our objective? To help you obtain products of unequalled quality. Because we are constantly innovating, Micro Surface Treatment (MST4) is a range of treatments and surface coatings adapted to your needs.

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Together with our European partner we have more than 25 years of experience in industrial applications in the field of functional and technical surfaces. At Precision IMS, we are able to offer you a complete service with an expertise always aiming to help you to be more efficient, and those thanks to a technical team and dedicated equipment.

Finally, how can MST4 help you?

– By facilitating the demolding of your parts: reduce your cycle times and improve the quality of your parts.

– By reducing wear and tear on some of your tools: you will increase their lifespan.

– By modifying the aspect of your parts: structure your surfaces, texture them, give them different matt or glossy aspects for example.

To conclude, whether you produce tools or moulded parts, surface defects linked to various factors such as corrosion or even electroerosion defects can appear very early on. By applying a surface treatment or by using an MST4 release agent, you can optimize your production, influence the quality of your parts and thus be more productive.

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