MST4 Surface treatments

MST4 is a range of surface treatment services designed to help you optimize and maximize the performance of your molds and parts without altering their properties.

Thus, we offer a complete program for the optimization of functional surfaces and the improvement of the performance of your products and tools .

Ainsi, nous proposons un programme complet pour l’optimisation des surfaces fonctionnelles et l’amélioration des performances de vos produits et outillages.

Topo Jet

For the micro structuring of your surfaces

A process that acts mechanically on the surface, optimizing its properties for perfect surfaces, without burrs or detachable particles, smooth and airtight.

Topo Seal

For a permanent treatment of your surfaces

Group of active anti-adhesive elements with very low surface polarity. Applied and impregnated into the surface of the parts and then fixed by a thermal process.

Topo Cure

To easily remove parts from the mold

Release agent taking into account the constraints related to the transformation of elastomers and plastics. Spray without solvent, non-toxic and without dermatological effects.

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