MST4 : Micro Surface Treatment : unique process in Quebec that Precision IMS offer you

2020 July, 28

From surface micro-structuring to release agents to anti-adhesive coatings, the MST4 range aims to offer you functional surfaces for tools and precision mechanics.

The characteristics and functionalities of materials are frequently defined by the structure and consistency of their surface. Thus, they can be improved by precise optimizations, for example.

Let’s have a look in details the various processes:

Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topojet
Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topojet

Topo Jet...

To micro-structure the surfaces, this process aims to remove burrs as well as detachable particles. They appear during the process of removing or transforming the material. Also this process aims to give a perfectly smooth surface and hermetic to the aggressions. It also helps you to avoid pitting or cavitation corrosion.

Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topo Seal
Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topo Seal

Topo Seal...

A permanent anti-adhesive coating to reduce adhesion at the time of demolding. With a very low surface polarity it is impregnated into the surface of the parts and then fixed by a chemical and thermal process. For example, it acts as a protection and confers hydrophobic properties to the treated parts. In addition, Topo Seal provides effective and long-lasting protection for many materials, even those with sticky properties.

Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topo Cure
Surface treatment. Illustration of the Topo Cure

Topo Cure...

The high performance release agent for high temperature applications. During the formulation of this agent, the constraints related to the processing of elastomers and plastics were taken into account. The research also took into account the best efficiency of the product during its use by looking for the best ratio between the quantity of product used and the mould release efficiency. All this while guaranteeing maximum safety in use.

The result is Topo Cure B12, a temporary product in the form of a water-based spray that can be used at high temperatures on moulds and parts. It is solvent-free and non-toxic, has no dermatological effect and uses no flammable components.

As you can see, the MST4 line of products, which are unique processes in Quebec, help you obtain surfaces that aim for performance and perfection.

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